Growing Mushrooms in Your Own Back Yard Garden


Growing Your Own Mushrooms Is Easy

Are you hoping to grow your own mushrooms? Mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods available and are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients. It’s certainly possible to grow your own mushrooms, but you’ll have to set up the right conditions and find good, healthy spawn to get started. Most of the time, mushrooms are grown indoors, but it is possible to grow them in a garden.

The easiest and quickest way is to purchase a mushroom growing kit, but if you can create a special place for growing mushrooms, you can raise them yourself.



The first decision is the type of mushroom you will grow.

There are a few that are easier to grow than others.

These include oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and white button mushrooms. The white button is the type you commonly see in grocery stores.

You can find spawn or spore either locally or online. Spawn are like seedlings and spore are like the seeds. It is easier to start with spawn.

Once you choose your mushroom, you’ll need to choose the growing medium. If you choose to grow shiitake mushrooms, they are usually grown in hardwood dust or directly on some type of hardwood. White button mushrooms grow well in composted manure and oyster mushrooms in straw.




Once you choose a mushroom to grow and get the right growing medium, the rest of the growing process is pretty much the same for any type of mushroom. You will need a cool, dark, and damp place. The most common place to grow mushrooms is in the basement, but you could also use a closet or a cabinet. It must be somewhere you can control the humidity and temperature and create almost total darkness.

Put the growing medium in a container or pan and then raise the temperature under the pan to 70 degrees. Put the spawn in the growing medium. The spawn will take root within the growing medium in about 3 weeks. Lower the temperature to 55 degrees and cover the spawn with potting soil. Place a damp cloth over everything and keep the cloth damp.

Small mushrooms should begin to appear within three to four weeks. When the caps have separated from the stem and are fully opened, they are ready for harvest.

Growing funghi garden mushrooms is simple and doesn’t take long. Mushrooms you’ve grown yourself also seem to just taste better.

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